Strengthen Your Investment with Data-Driven Signals


Top-Line Trading Signals

The TickerView™ product suite provides analysts with essential indices across multiple datasets for an accurate summary of company and brand-level performance delivered via Tableau, Excel Add-in or web GUI.

TickerView™ Credit

TickerView™ Receipt

TickerView™ Debit

TickerView™ Canada

TickerView™ Visits

TickerView™ Clicks


Granular Insights by Segment, Channel, or Geography

This suite dives a level deeper than TickerView™ by measuring customer segments, online and in-store, across product categories through Tableau, Excel Add-in or web GUI. Stay ahead of shifting consumer behaviors that impact long-term company performance by analyzing customers on attributes such as vintage, geography, or spending tier.

Shopping Center Insights

Segment Performance Reports

Market Benchmark

Merchant Insights

Local Market Insights

Investor Relations


Ready-to-Use Observation-Level Tables

Dive into unadjusted observation-level data tables for advanced modeling. No need to de-dupe, PII cleanse, or map to tickers or fiscal calendars. Access near real-time signals by leveraging multiple data sources that track consumer spending and visitation in-store and online.

Credit + Debit Card

Mobile Location

Dun & Bradstreet

Using the advanced technology of the 1010data Edge platform, our team of experienced data scientists transform unstructured datasets into relevant market signals. Our proprietary process ensures data integrity: no forecasting or modeling.

1010data enables equity investors to adjust their strategy intra-quarter by leveraging accurate signals ahead of the market. We use multiple datasets that monitor consumer spending and shopping visits in-store and online to deliver daily insights on hundreds of private and public companies. With daily updates across most of our datasets and extensive historical coverage, 1010data ensures our clients have access to granular trends before anyone else.